Bleeding Love

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  What am I doing?

  “Oh, God! Right there . . . I’m coming . . . Don’t stop!”

  Is that me screaming like that?

  Holy shit.

  I didn’t even know that noises like that could come out of my mouth!

  “You like that?” he asks with his lips pressed against my neck—the vibrations shooting straight to my core.

  I focus, my now alcohol free vision, on the man thrusting above me. His dark hair is blending in with the shadows that are dancing around the room. His face is a mask of ecstasy as he thrusts into my waiting body. It’s a look of pure desire that I will never forget.

  What the hell am I doing?

  “You feel so good. Your body so greedy for my cock. You want it harder, darlin’?”

  I moan shamelessly and feel my body get even wetter with his huskily whispered words.

  Screw it—this feels way too good to stop now.

  I reach down, dig my fingers in the firm globes of his ass, tip my head back and beg. Beg with incoherent cries for him to take me harder. To take everything he can.

  Two Hours Earlier

  “You look beauuuutiful,” I sing as Dani Reid—No, Dani Cage—walks over to sit next to me at one of the tables scattered around the backyard wedding.

  She looks at me, her stunning green eyes bright with love and happiness.

  “And you sound a little drunk, my friend,” she laughs.

  I just smile at her, running my fingers through the lace on her wedding gown. “This is soft. ”

  She just laughs and leans back and looks across the yard to where her new husband, Cohen, is standing by the dock talking to some of his friends. This is another one of those moments when I’m reminded that this group doesn’t have a single unattractive person in it. I take a second to look at all the well-built, good-looking men standing around him. When my eyes meet Liam Beckett’s, I look away quickly. For months now Liam has made no secret that he would love nothing more than my undivided attention.

  “They’re all so unfairly hot. No men should be that attractive,” I whisper in awe, gaining me another chuckle from Dani. I blush when I realize that my thoughts aren’t staying in my head, where they belong. When I look back over to where the group of men are standing, my eyes hit the familiar pair of deep brown ones again, eyes that always seem to know each and every time I’m looking their way. I quickly look away, feeling that blush get even brighter. I’m not ready to deal with him right now. At least not when I’m this tipsy.

  Picking up my wine glass, I take another healthy swallow as I do a quick scan, taking in all that is the Reid Family property. They’ve done a beautiful job transforming the backyard of Dani’s family home for Cohen and Dani’s wedding. I still can’t believe that Dani managed to pull off a surprise wedding without Cohen even catching the smallest hint of her plans.

  “Are you sure you’re okay with Molly spending the night with my parents, Megs? I know it’s hard for you to leave her overnight, but they just love your daughter to pieces. And I know Owen loves having her around. ” Dani reaches out and takes the hand I had resting against the table while she speaks.

  “Yup,” I smack and nod my head.

  “You’re drunk,” she says, repeating her earlier observation.

  “I’m not drunk, I’m tipsy. There’s a huge difference there. If I was drunk I wouldn’t be able to walk. Watch!”

  I jump up from my chair with a little more power than I mean and quickly stumble when the narrow heel of my five-inch shoes sinks into the soft grass beneath me.

  “Whoa, there darlin’. ”

  I feel it, those words, every single syllable deep down in my gut. Each rumbled word vibrating through my body creating a slow burn until they end with a sharp pulse between my legs. His arms locked at my elbows and my back solidly against his front—where my graceless stumble caused me to end up. I jerk my body tight and feel his laughter reverberate through my body once again.

  I attempt to pull my arms from his loose but strong hold, only to give up when it becomes clear that he isn’t going to let go. Shifting until my face is turned, he lets one arm go and helps me spin until I’m facing him, and moves his hands from my elbows to my hips.

  “Hey,” he says with a smile, the dimple in his cheek popping out.

  “Liam,” I sigh and then curse myself for not being able to hide my reaction to him.

  His smile turns knowing and his eyes darken before dropping to my lips.

  I gulp.

  “You should be more careful, Megs. ”

  “It’s Megan,” I snap. Page 2

  “I know, babe, you don’t have to keep reminding me. ”

  “Then why can’t you seem to actually remember it?” I squeak and try to pull my body away from his grip—and fail, again.

  “Someone doesn’t sound drunk anymore. ” I hear Dani speak but I don’t take my gaze off Liam. “She does look it though. ” She muses on a laugh, which finally gets my eyes to snap to hers.

  “I’m fine! I just had a few glasses of wine and I haven’t eaten much. But, I most definitely am not drunk. I think I would know if I was drunk. ”

  Okay, so that’s a lie. I might not be drunk, but I am definitely slightly past tipsy. Dealing with Liam—or rather my attraction to Liam—is hard enough for me on a good day, when I’m completely sober. But with this amount of wine flowing through my body, I just can’t trust myself.

  It’s taken everything I have to keep him, and his obvious interest, at bay for the last couple months. When he’s around he goes out of his way to get me alone and lay it out. He wants me.

  “You look stunning when those shadows aren’t rolling around your shoulders,” Liam whispers, his lips press close enough to my ear that I can feel his words one by one against my skin.

  I shiver, his words hitting me close to home, but the tone causing me to forget I should be pushing him away. Especially when he’s talking about things that he has no business speaking about.

  “I’m fine,” I stammer.

  “Yeah, darlin', I know you are. ”

  His eyes keep their hypnotizing hold on my own. I hear Dani excuse herself. I don’t turn to watch her disappear in the lingering crowd of party-goers that are still left milling around. The music is still floating in the air around us. As I look into his eyes everything around me feels like it’s . . . alive. It’s a feeling that I’ve been missing for the last few years. A feeling that only comes to visit when I’m with my daughter, or until recently, when Liam Beckett is in the same room. It’s a feeling that, even though I shouldn’t, I feel guilty for allowing myself to enjoy.

  Whether it’s the wine, the fact that Molly left a few hours ago with Dani’s parents, or the man standing in front of me, all I know is if I don’t hold on to this feeling for as long as I can right now, I’ll regret it for years to come.

  “Megs,” he says on a sigh, his fingertips digging in and his eyes swirling with a rich hopefulness that turns those golden flecks you can normally see swimming in his brown eyes into a burning fire lighting his gaze.

  Hungry eyes.

  I don’t think. If I had given myself just a second to process my next move, I’m sure I would have backed out of his hold and run as fast as I could to my car. But, I didn’t think, so my next move was pure, one-hundred-percent Megan. But not the Megan I’ve been for the last couple years since my husband died. No, this Megan feels like I’ve finally dug myself out of those ashes I’ve been living in since my life burned up around me. The cloak of depression that normally lingers loosely around my shoulders, dropping to my feet with the feel of Liam pressed tight. I know this feeling